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Château de Brézé has a long and storied history, first being mentioned in texts in 1068, lauded by King René of Anjou in the 15th century and served at all the royal courts. In 1957, when the AOC of Saumur Champigny was established, the owner of Château de Brézé refused to be part of the appellation, saying that his estate's vineyards were the best and deserved an appellation all their own. And he was probably right. Unfortunately, the wines from those exceptional vineyards were terrible. Lucky for us, the winery sold in 2009 to Le Comte de Colbert, who recruited Arnaud Lambert from nearby Domaine de Saint Just to make the wine. He changed the vineyards over to organic farming and began producing truly stellar wines worthy of their source. The 2012 Château de Brézé Clos David is all estate-grown Chenin Blanc raised in stainless steel to preserve freshness. It has the slightly-oxidized note of a great White Burgundy and a lovely richness that allows it to pair with a variety of foods.

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Ch. Phelan Segur is Truly Exceptionnel!

We spend an incredible amount of time and energy bantering about the virtues and differences of the 61 great estates, First Growths thru Fifth, that make up the 1855 Classification. These are of course the top wines of Bordeaux. They represent about 25% of the Médoc appellations total production and are collected and treasured worldwide, but these wines are by no means the only great wines made in Bordeaux. There are over 450 estates that make up the Syndicat des Crus Bourgeois. They account for about 40% of the Médoc wine over three levels of status. In ascending order, Crus Bourgeois, Crus Grands Bourgeois and the top level Crus Bourgeois Exceptionnel. These titles are bestowed as a result of government controlled law and are revisited every 12 years. The previous six vintages are evaluated and judged, changes are made and the new classification released. One of the Exceptionnels is now a top selling wine at K&L, and you may be surprised to hear that the wine is Ch. Phelan Segur. The reason is simple: Phelan is an elegant St-Estèphe in a commune with few elegant wines. The blend of 60% cabernet sauvignon, 30% merlot and 10% cabernet franc tastes good at almost any stage of its life. The wine of Phelan is not “pushed.” Rather, it is naturally extracted and honest wine. It tastes good, it’s a fine value, and it has early drinkability. This is a winning combination, my friends. 1996 Phelan Segur, St-Estèphe ($31.99) is your perfect example of Claret at 10 years of age. Good definition and focused, already a nice drink but will hold for numerous years. For the price it is hard to stay away from with an hour decanting. 2000 Phelan Segur, St-Estèphe ($26.99) still needs 5-7 years to blossom. It is firm with everything in good harmony, very similar in many ways to the 1996. It will be one of 2000’s earlier drinkers. Also, just in stock ... 2003 Carbonnieux Blanc ($24.99) …sells fast! Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or advice on the wines of Bordeaux at ex 2723 or Toujours Bordeaux! —Ralph Sands

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