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In December, we drink Champagne at closing at K&L- and we prefer to drink it out of magnum when possible. The highlight this year was the Ariston Aspasie Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne (1.5L) magnum ($74.99) that we had on Christmas eve. This single vineyard beauty comes from the Gouttes d’Or, a very steep east facing parcel in the little village of Brouillet. It was creamy, delicate and perfectly refreshing! We all say to cheers to you, and hope your holiday is filled with fun and friends!

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The Mayor – Live From Tuscany: Part III

After last speaking with Greg, with him telling me ahout staying at the Ferragamo's Il Borro estate, I told him, "I need you to paint me a picture. Make me feel like I'm there with you." For the last decade Greg's thousands of Italian wine customers have been drooling over his tales from the road, wishing they could stow themselves away in his suitcase or be a fly on the wall at his tasting events. Stories of lush gardens, decadent dinners, and levels of wine consumption that reach legendary status. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, so I figured it was time we all saw for ourselves just how amazing Greg's journeys are. "Oh, and give some information about the wines, too!" I added.

The Il Borro estate was purchased by the Ferragamo family in 1993 and grows merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, chardonnay, and petit verdot, along with the standard Italian sangiovese on forty-five hectares of land. Salvatore's goal was to take a historic corner of Tuscany—one previously abandoned and in need of care—and resurrect it; not just in terms of wine production, but also as a tourist destination. Today Il Borro is both a winery and a resort, offering a variety of services to travelers visiting the region. The soils have a variety of mineral content making the area the perfect place to grow a diverse variety of grapes for winemaking.

Part of the reason Greg went back to Italy for a third time this year was due to the strength of the 2010 Brunello vintage in the region. Critics are calling it the vintage of a lifetime, creating wines of such beauty and finesse that they're beyond the likes of anything tasted in recent memory. With our supplies of Brunello selling like hot cakes, Greg booked a ticket back across the Atlantic in an attempt to secure more supplies. However, with September being harvest time, he's already beginning to hear rumblings of an even more impressive 2015 growing season—perhaps even surpassing the glorious 2010. Wouldn't that be something?

Dinner last night was incredible, Greg wrote to me. Classic Tuscan meat and potatoes with plenty of great bottles spread across the table to pour from. It's the simplicity that always stuns us when we dine abroad, don't you think?

In the house for this particular meal was legendary Tenuta Sette Ponti owner Antonio Moretti, who you might recognize as part owner of Prada. Alongside an appreciation for fine leather goods and handmade shoes, Moretti's family has been making wine for generations. Antonio eventually took over the Tenuta Sette Ponti estate from his father, and in 1999 he purchased Poggio al Lupo in Maremma; followed by a Sicilian estate called Fuedo Maccari in 2000. The Tenuta Sette Ponta Super Tuscans are some of the most stylish, savory, and powerful wines made in the region, always garnering huge accolades from the press. Greg would be visiting the vineyards at Settie Ponti the following day. But first—cigars.

-David Driscoll


The Mayor – Live From Tuscany: Part II

Greg St. Clair woke up this morning at Il Borro—a medieval-era villa deep within the hills of Tuscany, owned by (get this) the Ferragamo family. Yes, as in Salvatore Ferragamo, the luxury Italian fashion house famous for making shoes worn by Audrey Hepburn. The estate is more than 1700 acres of lush vineyards and olive trees surrounded by forest. Greg thought he might take a quick dip before getting down to business with the Ferragamo family, who continue to make wine on the estate.

No proper Italian lunch should start without a cold, refreshing glass of prosecco. Greg made sure to have a few bottles of our K&L exclusive Follador and San Venanzio proseccos on hand for the occasion. I think I personally drank about two cases of the Venanzio myself this past summer, so I'm hoping the Ferragamos enjoyed it as much as I did.

As if having lunch with the Ferragamo brothers wasn't cool enough, Greg informed me that he'd be having dinner tonight with Antonio Moretti from Sette Ponti, who also happens to be part owner of Prada. I told Greg that I needed to come with him on his next trip over to handle all of his media. He sent me an email saying, "Send your wife instead, she'll be appreciated more!"

Ain't that the truth. My wife loves Ferragamo shoes.

-David Driscoll


Catching Up With the Mayor: Live From Tuscany

Caper vines growing along castle walls

If you don't know who "the Mayor" is at K&L, that's the name we use for Greg St. Clair—our iconic Italian wine buyer—who is so famous in Tuscany he's called "the Mayor of Montalcino". Greg's been going to Italy for decades, building relationships with local growers, and importing unique and interesting wines back to K&L for longer than I've been allowed to legally drink, and he's currently back in Tuscany working on securing more wine from what's being called a legendary 2010 vintage for the region. I asked Greg to keep in touch with me from the road so that we could update our Italian wine customers about his progress here on the blog. He most graciously agreed to do so. 

"For the first five days I'm there I'll be at (James) Suckling's house tasting all the new releases," Greg told me when I asked. "We'll just be sitting outside, eating dinner, and taking notes to start. It's no big deal." Then he sent me this photo of the scenery. The jealousy began to bubble in my veins.

"Just keep your iPhone handy and send me some updates from each day," I said politely. "Even if they're no big deal."

"David, you wouldn't believe the food this woman made for us!" Greg texted me later in the afternoon. "What a meal!"

"Oh! And then we opened up a 1958 Aldo Conterno Barolo." 

Jesus. No big deal, Greg?

Just a few guys, hanging out in Tuscany, eating great food, taking in the romantic scenery, and tasting the best Italian wines in the world. 

That's just a normal day for Greg St. Clair. Check back in throughout September as I'll be posting all of Greg's updates from the Italian road. "The Mayor" is back in office.

-David Driscoll