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2000 Labégorce, Margaux $39.99

A great value in Bordeaux! This bottle is mature enough to drink now, but has time in hand if you want to keep it in the cellar for the future. We love it for its laid back elegance and classic balance. A must try for your next nice steak dinner.

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We host regular weekly and Saturday wine tastings in each K&L location.

For the complete calendar, including lineups and additional details related to our events, visit our K&L Local Events on or follow us on Facebook.  


Free Spirits Tastings at K&L! Now that we have our license for spirits tastings in Redwood City and San Francisco, we’re excited to host regular free spirits tastings in those locations.  Check the Spirits Journal for an updated tasting schedule.

All tastings will feature different products from the Spirits Department and take place on Wednesdays in Redwood City and San Francisco. Visit our events page on Facebook or the K&L Spirits Journal for more information.

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Redwood City Blind Cabernet Tasting Results!

On Saturday, April 19th we had our Annual Blind Domestic Cabernet Sauvignon tasting in Redwood City. We love holding these Blind Tastings and I’m pretty sure our customers really like them as well. We had a solid turn out, 35 people attended, and everyone was very attentive and took the tasting seriously which was great to see. The only information I gave the attendees was the following:

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Blends and Rarities for Champagne Friday

Ready to be tasted on Friday!

Champagne Friday #4 Blends and Rarities

This week for Champagne Friday I will be pouring a lineup of blends and rarities in the Redwood City tasting bar from 5pm until 6:30pm. The cost will be $10. I started this series of tastings four months ago with Chardonnay in Champagne and since then we have also covered Meunier and Pinot Noir’s expressions in the region. Now we will turn our attention to the most and least common types of Champagne: blends of all of the “big three” grape varieties above and exotic and extremely rare grape varieties.

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Pinot Power Champagne Friday

This evening's tasting lineup- all Pinot Noir Champagne!

Happy Champagne Friday! I hope that you will be able to join me this evening in Redwood City for the third in my series of Friday Champagne tastings, this month focusing on Pinot Noir. I will be pouring from 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM and the cost to taste is only $10.

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