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Château de Brézé has a long and storied history, first being mentioned in texts in 1068, lauded by King René of Anjou in the 15th century and served at all the royal courts. In 1957, when the AOC of Saumur Champigny was established, the owner of Château de Brézé refused to be part of the appellation, saying that his estate's vineyards were the best and deserved an appellation all their own. And he was probably right. Unfortunately, the wines from those exceptional vineyards were terrible. Lucky for us, the winery sold in 2009 to Le Comte de Colbert, who recruited Arnaud Lambert from nearby Domaine de Saint Just to make the wine. He changed the vineyards over to organic farming and began producing truly stellar wines worthy of their source. The 2012 Château de Brézé Clos David is all estate-grown Chenin Blanc raised in stainless steel to preserve freshness. It has the slightly-oxidized note of a great White Burgundy and a lovely richness that allows it to pair with a variety of foods.

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Champagne Friday with Charline Drappier

Hollis Nelson, Gary Westby and Charline Drappier pouring last night in SF- Tonight we do it again in Redwood City!

Tonight in Redwood City we are having what promises to be the best yet Champagne Friday event. From 5:00-6:30, Charline Drappier, the 8th generation of the Drappier family will be presenting her fantastic Champagne. She is visiting us after travelling from the tiny village of Urville in the Aube department- by way of New York City! Her family has been producing Champagne since 1808, and they make some of the most nuanced, elegant wines in all of Champagne. Unlike many of her big name neighbors in the Marne department, her wines remain stunning values. The cost will be just $10, and we will pour the following:

Drappier Carte d'Or Brut Champagne $39.99

Drappier Charles de Gaulle Brut Champagne $69.99

Drappier Rose Brut Champagne $54.99

2006 Drappier "Grande Sendrée" Brut Champagne $99

These bottles are chilling right now- we can't wait to open them for you tonight!

If you are intersted in reading more about this great house here is an excerpt from my original offering on the Champagne's that I sent out in March of this year:

Champagne Drappier is THE high quality negociant in the Aube, but has struggled to find good representation in the USA. Recently, they started working with a very good importer, Dreyfus Ashby, and we have them back on the shelf here at K&L. Drappier was founded in 1808 in Urville, in the center of the Aube department. It was Drappier that brought Pinot Noir to the Aube in the 1930’s, a move that was mocked at the time- now it is by far the most planted grape in the region.

A little more than half of Drappier’s production is comes from their over 130 acres of estate vineyard. The other part comes from long term contracts. The wines go through malolactic, with very little sulfur; they claim to have the lowest sulfur counts of any major negociant. Like Billecart-Salmon, they pride themselves on low temperature fermentation and the wines share the clean precision that cold fermentations are known for.

A toast to you!

Gary Westby


Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

I'm currently in Seattle hanging out with the gang from Westland Distillery, and our domestic wine team is simultaneously in Oregon, drinking pinot noir with a number of local growers. Make sure you check in with our Instagram page to follow all the action live. We'll be updating throughout the week.


-David Driscoll


Burgundian Delights

So maybe by now you're seen the connection between this past Saturday's Grand Burgundy Tasting in all three stores and today's launch of the August newsletter that features—you guessed it—more delicious wines from the Burgundy region. If you didn't find that PDF file waiting in your inbox this morning, then click here to download a copy now. Inside you'll find information about all the latest arrivals from the Cote d'Or and beyond.

From my own personal perspective, I would advocate for anyone even remotely interested in Burgundy to check out the wines from Jacques Bavard. Of all the Burgundian producers we work with on a direct basis, he's probably at the top of my list in terms of value, flavor, and overall quality. This is the fourth straight vintage we've worked with Bavard and the wines keep getting better each time around—both the reds and the whites. Because we're working with a more reasonable Euro and we're not paying normal distribution costs locally, the wines come in at rock bottom prices considering the quality of what's in the bottle. I'm currently sipping on a glass of the 2012 Auxey-Duresses "Les Clous", a Chardonnay so haunting and expressive that I'm drinking it way too quickly. For twenty-eight bucks, you're getting a lot of wine. Crisp acidity, zingy lemon citrus notes, just a bit of toasty oak, and a finish that sings of wet stones and minerality. Put it against any Puligny-Montrachet for the price and see what wins in your own personal taste-test. We should all be buying cases of this—and this is just one of the many Bavard wines we sell.

Bavard is located in the village of Puligny-Montrachet and farms all of his vineyards organically and bio-dynamically. His philosophy is to provide all drinkers with a diverse selection that showcases a commitment to viticulture and a classic expression from each vineyard's location. One of the real roadblocks towards greater Burgundy enjoyment in all of our lives is the cost of the wines. There isn't enough good Burgundy to go around, so the prices are never cheap. But with the Bavard selections, you can feel confident that you're underpaying, and there aren't many times I feel that way about a bottle of Burgundy. That's why I'm going deep this vintage. I'm casing up. I'm buying 12 of everything.

-David Driscoll

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