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Saber Madness at K&L!

We have been chopping off the tops of Champagne bottles as fast as we can drink them- who needs a stopper when you are ready to commit to finishing the bottle! One of our favorites was this magnum ($84.99) of Franck Bonville Brut Rosé that Mellyn expertly decapitated on Christmas Eve. It also comes in regular 750ml ($39.99) and half bottles ($21.99). Olivier Bonville adds 8% Pinot Noir Rouge from Ambonnay superstar Paul Dethune to his top class assembelage of grand cru, estate Chardonnay to create this fabulous rose. This is one of the most elegant, bright, refreshing rose Champagnes that we carry, yet it does not lack red cherry Pinot Noir authority. We can’t get enough- bring another to the block!

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Jamesse Champagne Glasses Are Here!

Champagne shows its best out of a great glass!

One of the highlights of Scott & I's trip to Champagne this April was visiting Mr. Gerhard Lehmann in Reims and getting to learn more about his fantastic glassware. For many years I have dreamed of carrying these glasses and sharing the experience of drinking out of them with you- the best Champagne lovers in the USA. These glasses were designed with Philippe Jamesse, the sommelier at Chateau Les Crayeres in Reims. For those of you have visited the restaurant, you already know how great of a glass Mr. Jamesse has designed. For those who haven’t, I am pleased to report that they are very reasonably priced so there is no reason not to try them.

Just yesterday, the Lehmann 'Jamesse Reference' Grand Champagne glass ($11.99) arrived at K&L. Cinnamon and I test drove them with the 2008 Louis Roederer Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne ($74.99). I have owned a pair for a couple of years, a gift from the cellarmaster at Ruinart, Mr. Frederic Panaiotis. I featured them in a piece I did on glassware back in January of last year, calling them the Ruinart glass by Jamesse since I hadn’t yet made the Gerhard Lehman connection. The first time I drank out of them was at Les Crayeres… An experience that all Champagne lovers should have at least once!

These 450ml capacity, non-lead crystal glasses are a great shape for getting the most out of Champage. The tulip shape comes to a very fine point at the stem, giving the Champagne a chance to create a great streamer of bubbles. The glass is quite wide in the middle, and when filled up to this point the big surface area of Champagne gives off a lot of aroma, which is focused by the slightly smaller opening. That opening is still plenty large enough to allow one to smell the wine, and pours the Champagne in a broad enough stream to expose most of your tongue to it. All these features allow for a tasting experience very close to using a large red wine glass, without sacrificing the beauty of a lovely bead of persistent bubbles.

Since they are not leaded, these glasses won’t go milky in the dishwasher. And because they are $11.99, it is not the end of the world if you break one. I challenge you to try one and put them up against the best Champagne glasses you have- I know that you will be impressed. The only glasses that I have (and I have a LOT of different Champagne glasses) that I think are better are the mouth blown Riedel Sommeliers that sell for a LOT more than $11.99. I am buying a pair of the Lehmann 'Jamesse Prestige' Grand Champagne mouth blown wine glass ($37.50) right now to see how much better they are than the machine blown!

If you love Champagne, don’t miss trying these great glasses.


A toast to you!

Gary Westby

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