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The Freewheel line with a couple of English friends.

It takes a lot of beer to keep the wine business running smoothly. Here in Redwood City, we are very fortunate to have a great English style ale producer right in our backyard: Freewheel Brewing Company. The staff of K&L are fictures at our local pub, and it is a rare moment when one of us isn't there having a pint and a bite of their excellent food. We are also lucky enough to be the first place to offer their bottled beer for sale. If you have never had it, the Freewheel Brewing "FSB" Freewheel Special Bitter, California (500ml) is the benchmark in fresh, balanced, smashable ale. We will do our best to keep some in stock for you, the customer too!

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Special Tasting this Saturday for a Great Cause: THIRST Cabernet with SF Giants Legend JT Snow

J.T. Snow with niece, Raquel Gebel, Wolfram syndrome patient

If you are planning on stop by K&L for some vino for the long weekend, why not make it this Saturday 5/26 to meet and taste with San Francisco Giants great and the 6 time Gold Glove winner J.T. Snow...all for a great cause!

Join us from 1-4pm in our Redwood City store tasting bar on Saturday May 26th, with former San Francisco Giants first baseman J.T. Snow. He has a new Cabernet that is part of a fundraising effort to aid his neice Raquel and others suffering from Wolfram Syndrome, a rare and tragic disease which initially presents as Type I Diabetes and ultimately progresses to vision, hearing and brain loss. The money raised by the Snowman fund goes directly to the Washington University School of Medicine researchers and their Wolfram Clinics, for the benefit of children everywhere affected by this disease. Dr. Permutt and his team believe they are very close to identifying potential treatment options.

Special Tasting with JT Snow - Fundraiser to battle Wolfram Syndrome - Redwood City May 26th (1 to 4pm) ($10.00)

Special Tasting with JT Snow to benefit the Jack and JT Snowman Fund. 100% of all proceeds will go to the Snowman Fund foundation, who direct the money to Washington University's School of Medicine for research to battle Wolfram syndrome. Featured will be the 2008 Toolbox JT Snow "Thirst" Cabernet Sauvignon. You will be able to taste the *Thirst* CabernetThe tasting will take place from 1 p.m to 4:00 p.m. Cost to taste: $10 plus tax.


Behind the Scenes: Moonlight Meadery & Everything You Need to Know About Mead


Tonight in the Redwood City store, we are excited to host our first ever Mead Tasting, featuring the award-winning Meads of Moonlight Meadery from Londonderry, New Hampshire. The tasting is from 5pm-6:30pm and is a rare opportunity to taste with a master while learning more about this fascinating, ancient elixer. One of the top, small producers of mead in the US, Moonlight's meads range in style from dry to spicy to sweet; traditional to wild! These make exciting and complex food-pairings too. You will not want to miss this special tasting and opportunity to take your palate in an entirely new direction.

A little background...Moonlight founder Michael Fairbrother's passion for mead began at first sip, initiating a "romance" has evolved into a lifelong love affair with Mead. Even the name "Moonlight" is inspired by the association between honey and the tradition of the honeymoon, and you'll see that the names of the different meads are also inspired by themes of desire, love and passion. 

Kinky stuff aside, these are seriously good meads. A certified BJCP judge, Michael is a vertiable mead, cider, and beer "master". Moonlight's stellar reputation is founded on its award-winning traditional Meads, but has won many fans for its creative, exotic recipes, too. Michael continues to perfect his craft as he experiments with innovative limited productions, new recipes, and food and wine pairings. He is always sharing news and updates about new meads and events on the Moonlight blog.

We hope you make it to tonight's tasting, but in case you can't, we reached out to the folks at Moonlight Meadery to give us a little background on mead and the Moonlight philosophy to share, below. 

Also...a limited selection of featured meads are available now on (search "moonlight). Shop online and try them at home! 

Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Moonlight Meadery

What is Mead?

Mead is the oldest fermented beverage known to man.  In its basic form the sugar source is simply fermented honey and water. Mead is diverse ranging from dry to sweet, and can have fruit added (melomels); spice added (methegins); or apple cider (cysers) and many more styles other than just traditional.

Describe the Moonlight Meadery philosophy of Mead production.

Moonlight Meadery uses unpasteurized, top grade, True Source Certified honey that is guaranteed to follow fair trade practices and can be tracked back to the regionally local hives. Our average turnaround time is approx. 3 – 4 months except our barrel aged meads which ferment anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. We prefer to use local fruit and spices whenever possible and we insist on using only the best ingredients to produce the same award winning grade meads that mead maker Michael Fairbrother made that won him international awards.

What different styles of Mead do you produce and how are they distinguished?  What makes your Meads particularly unique compared to others on the market?

Styles: Traditional or Au Naturel – basic fermented honey and water – single varietal honey can differ greater one from another in taste.

Melomels – fruit added

Metheglins – spice added

Unique – barrel aged

Moonlight Meadery meads are unique compared to others on the market in that we produce the largest variety of meads worldwide as far as we know. We believe in bringing the scope of what mead can be to the broader main stream market.

Our formulas are typically higher in alcohol and the flavor profiles are more pronounced with the use of unpasteurized honey that does not drop either the aromas or ingredient flavors. Variety is strategic and we ensure even our sweetest meads are balanced and not overly, cloyingly sweet. Our tag line “Romance by the glass” and unique romantic mead names are linked to the term honeymoon and the legend of where mead came from.

Our success is that we focus on tastings where our meads are sampled and we get reactions like, “WOW! This is nothing like I have ever tasted before!”

Micheal Fairbrother, Founder

Tell us about your honey source(s) and what makes them special.

We only use top grade True Source Certified honey that guarantees fair trade practices and can be tracked back to the regionally local hives. This supports our local apiaries while guaranteeing finest quality and safety to our fan base.

What kinds of food are best enjoyed with Mead? Any favorite pairings?

Mead is so diversified that you can pair varieties with cheese, main dishes or desserts. Consider either a bold, complex melomel like Embrace (Black Currants) or Flame (Black Currant and Rhubarb) that have a sharp, tart finish, paired with a distinctly opposite cheese taste profile like a Brie or Camembert.

Try our favorite Desire, our flagship made with blue berries, black currants, black cherries with a sharp cheddar as a cheese pairing; a traditional Italian meat sauce for a main course or a Belgium chocolate for dessert. We have several restaurants that pair our Coffee in Bed with their dessert menu for German Chocolate Cake or Tiramisu.  Kamasumatra (Sumatra coffee & Vanilla) was voted in California as a top cigar drink.  This is why we specialize in diversity.

Do you have plans for new styles of Mead on the horizon?

Michael is always being creative. Currently we do 56 varieties, some seasonal. Michael is getting married in August this year and is planning on releasing his special, first ever commercial sparkling mead for his wedding. We will be releasing Stiletto a black currant and apple mead soon. We are excited to add another barrel aged mead to our portfolio from Allagash, Curieux which we will name “Curiosity”. We have recently added several others to our line-up: Deviant, a sweet apple ginger; Temerity, an oak barrel aged black currant that is dry and refined; Mojo, an award winning mojito mead and Virtue, our apple cyser aged in an oak barrel. We always have something new in the wings.

What Mead do you like to recommend for folks trying it for the first time?  For more adventurous palates?

For Virgin mead drinkers, "Sensual" or "Blossom".  "Sensual" is our traditional wildflower honey mead.  "Blossom" is light, local apple cider mead that is slightly sweet with almost no taste of alcohol even though it has a high ABV. Chilled you do not taste the alcohol at all! Great for someone who does not like a wine-like alcohol taste or as an introduction to mead.

For Connoisseurs either our spicy meads like "Scorn" or "Fury".

Try "Utopian" or any one of our barrel aged meads that are a step up in refinement and you get notes of bourbon and oak with more of a Cognac finish.

Can Mead be aged? When they are best consumed?

Yes, mead can be aged; we have had mead that aged for 15 years, spectacular! They may seem a little drier than when first bottled.  Best time for consumption is a matter of personal taste.  We say mead is now much more available, enjoy it now! Seasonal meads are best consumed right away to appreciate the bounties of nature in the current season.

Final thoughts on Mead and the Moonlight Meadery mission.

In just 2 years we have been successful in bringing ultra-premium meads to the broader market, now distributing to 7 states and we just shipped our first order to Australia.  We continue to grow exponentially. We are well on our way to complete our mission to be the best Meadery worldwide.

*** May 24: K&L RWC| Special Mead Tasting with Moonlight Meadery!  Join us for a special Mead Tasting & Seminar featuring the award-winning Meads of Moonlight Meadery! We will taste the following:

"Wicked" Dry Mead Made With Ginger & Madagascar Vanilla
"Flame" (dry) Rhubarb and Black Currants.
"Paramour" (Semi-sweet)
"Scorn" (Semi-Sweet) limited release.
"Sensual" (Sweet) Traditional mead; award winning recipe.

Cost to taste: $5. Walk in only. Final lineup and cost subject to change.


Spanish & Portuguese Wine News 2/16/2011: Spring Cleaning (AKA Closeouts), Alfredo Maestro, and Rioja Tasting Next Friday

By: Joe Manekin

K&L Spanish, Portuguese & South American Wine Buyer


Greetings all,

 Alright, I'm back from last week's stay-cation and am ready to serve.  In keeping with today's wildly popular, twice a year closeout email you just received from us, I have several closeout values in the section which I think are especially worthy of your attention.  They happen to be right in line with what is often my personal preference for wines at table:  light to medium-bodied, higher acid, lower alcohol, a bit esoteric but full of personality and charm.  A few other delicious items on the horizon, read on a bit further down.


1.) Spring Cleaning (AKA CLOSEOUTS) 


2009 Viña Tobia Joven Rioja - $7.99||QtySoldLifetime%7C1


2010 Gurrutxaga Bizkaiko Txakolina Rosé (previously $20)- $15.99


2010 Gurrutxaga Bizkaiko Txakolina - $15.99


2009 Juan Matias Torres Vid Sur Negramoll La Palma - $15.99


2.) ALFREDO MAESTRO - Very cool wines, soon to be back in stock

Remember those wonderful wines from Alfredo Maestro?  New releases of these wines will soon be back in stock, in limited supply.  More to come later.  For now, though, we do have just a little bit of inventory left in Hollywood.||QtySoldLifetime%7C1 


3.) ISLAS CANARIAS - Canary Islands

For those of you who read up on these in Chiara's newsletter column, only to find us a bit short in stock, we do plan on picking up a few new wines for you to try within the next week.  I encourage you to try 'em out, scour your cookbooks and the internet for some Canary Island recipes (delicious food, very different from mainland Spain) and go to town.  Perhaps the subject of a future email?

4.) Bodegas Y Vinedos Tasting Friday 2/24 at K&L Redwood City

Join us on Friday 2/24 from 5pm-6:30pm in Redwood CIty to taste the wines of Bodegas y Vinedos. These are some of truly distinctive and fascinating wines. Check K&L Local Events for updates:


I will be starting one up shortly.  I am starting to find some more interesting wine from here, well made wines often of very good balance and with lots to say (more than just overextracted fruit, additives and oak).  Value cabs and pinot noirs that more than give California a run for their money, a wide variety of Malbecs, even those wacky, but seriously structured and tasty tannat based wines from Uruguay.  If you're a fan of Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan wines, then let me know and you'll be on the list.  If not, I encourage you to sign up and explore these wines.  I think we will continue to see ever increasing amounts of interesting wines from these parts.

Please email me at if you would like to be added to the South American list.


Cheers, y salud,



Joe Manekin

Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American Wine Buyer

K&L Wine Merchants

Ph: 877.559.4637 ext. 2748

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