Why Bordeaux?
Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 11:38AM
Gary Westby

There is always something new to discover in wine. I love to feel the energy of our young staff here as they explore the new trends in the wine world. It is also wonderful to watch other young industry professionals create new trends on the internet and in hip urban wine bars. Sometimes I wonder; is Bordeaux being overlooked by the new generation? It is not being overlooked here- not while we have Clyde pouring fantastic, comprehensive tastings. It is heartening to see younger people coming for our Bordeaux events here at K&L, but I fear that we are an exception. Perhaps it will take a while for the pendulum of fashion to swing back, but I feel like Bordeaux has lost its place to younger wine drinkers, and I rarely see it featured on wine lists when I am out on the town, especially by the glass.

Why do I find Bordeaux so relevant? First of all, it is one of the few categories of wine that allows a beginner (or for that matter and old hand!) to drink a mature bottle at a reasonable price. In red wine, the only other example that I can think of is Rioja. Why does that matter? Because, simply, one cannot cheat time! We might be able to manipulate young Cabernet to make it soft and sweet enough to drink tonight, or serve a cru Beaujolais with immense up front charm, but it will never have the complexity and layers of a wine that has had time to mature. These mature bottles aren’t all expensive, as I type, we have 11 examples in stock that are 10 or more years old under $30, and 4 of them are less than $15!

Another reason I find Bordeaux so relevant is because of how well it works with food. I think it is the world’s greatest steak wine, with great acidity to cut fat and the perfect balance of fruit and savor to both contrast and mirror the flavors in beef. While other wines are good enough with a wide range of food, Bordeaux has a perfect partner, and creates an occasion in itself when put together with it.

If you haven’t had some in a while, give a bottle of Bordeaux a try… I think you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it.


Gary Westby

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